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DHA Suffa University
DHA Suffa University opened its doors to the youth with a vision to produce world class engineers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs and business leaders; aspiring to be ranked amongst the nation’s top educational institutions. From its inception, DSU has been committed to becoming an institution of higher education of international standards and has been following a curricula that is in line with international practices. It achieves this by collaborating with foreign universities for student and faculty exchange programs while also focusing on providing students with healthy competition and co-curricular activities so that they can get the necessary practical experience to excel in their fields of life. As a part of this strategy, DSU has initiated to organize a visionary team aiming to revolutionize the traditional technologies in automotive manufacturing by participating in the highly anticipated and internationally reputed “Formula SAE” .
Formula Student
Formula Student Australasia is a collegiate design competition sanctioned. FS is a design competition in which college students from across the world compete to design an open wheel, open cockpit formula-styled race car. The teams are encouraged to be creative in their designs and push the boundaries of automotive engineering. The cars are designed and built solely by the students and are then brought to one of several regional competitions where more than 250 teams from many countries compete
Team DSU Bur'raq
The FS Team
‘DSU BUR’RAQ is a group of young and motivated students from DHA Suffa University, with the aim of representing Pakistan in internationally recognized mega event Formula SAE. The team realizes that in order to revive the industrial sector in Pakistan, the catalyst for change has to be the youth itself with their efforts in making the world realize that yes, something special is being cooked here. As an initial and the most important step, the team is coordinating with the most experienced professors and engineers in the field in Pakistan and is all set to design and manufacture.
DHA Suffa University
Formula Student Australasia
Team DSU Bur'raq


Our Team

Team DSU Bur'raq was established by young, enthusiastic engineers who had craze about motorsports and wanted to revolutionize the automotive industry of Pakistan
Syed Zabrain Arshad
Project Manager
Arish Yashar Mallick
Technical Lead
Adam Asif
Marketing Manager
Zohair Khan
Marketing and Management
Mataf Khan
Electric Lead
Hammad ur Rehman
Vehicle Integration
Saad Afzal
Muhammad Raza
Ramish Hassan
Muhammad Ahsan
Chassis and Suspension
Muhammad Salman
Vehicle Integration
Saad Bin Ishtiaq
Vehicle Integration
Shaikh Munir Nizami
Vehicle Integration
Hadeeqa Choudhry
Hasan Iqbal
Chassis and Suspension
Khurram Ahmed
Noman Bidiwala
Vehicle Intergation
Usama Syed
Vehicle Intergation

We are Famous

Appearances and Shows

Appearance and Shows

At Dawn Education Expo our project seized the attention of Mr. Brian Heath, U.S. Consulate General Karachi, who appreciated our work and supported us with his well wishes.

Ocean Mall Appearance

Our 3rd appearance was at Ocean mall. The crowd there was amazing. We conducted exciting activities, children were enthralled by our car. Media spotlighted our team and we got featured by Neo Tv.

2 Days Show at Expo Center Karachi

An outstanding response was recieved on a 2 days Dawn education Expo 2016. The team got appreciation from famous educational and other organizational personalities including US Consul General

The first Show - Emerald Mall

Teams first appearance was at Emerald mall where we revealed the mockup model of our FS car and showcased it for the first time. People showed notable interest in our project as we are the first team that is going to participate in FSR from Pakistan and supported us with their love and encouragement.

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What People Say About Us

Engr. Hamza Shams
Faculty Advisor
I am out of words to describe how dedicated this team has been since day one. Being the faculty advisor, I have been monitoring the performance of this team and I am gald to say that every member has shown unique and extra-ordinary skills and every member has played their part to the best in making the impossible "Possible"
Ksenia Naberezhneva
German Resource Center DSU
These kids are awesome whilst taking part in the competition they are also managing their time efficiently and getting good grades. They have been taking part in different local and international competitions and promoting a highly challenging engineering environment that will motivate other students of the nation to take these type of initiatives too.

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